Sports Play important role to Increase the self-esteem, mental alertness and teaches importance of hard work, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, learning from failure, and importance of grasping opportunities. Therefore we make sports and games necessary for every school age child for their balanced mental and physical growth. It inculcates discipline and playing within the rules. Builds sportsmanship, which is to play within the spirits of the game and to deal with both winning and losing with grace.

At Apollo students are taken regularly for their Physical Education Class and coached for Outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volley ball, Hand ball Fist ball, Boxing, Kabaddi, and Athletics and Indoor games like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis Yoga and, Taekwondo etc. As result our students have secure the position at school, District, State and National level in Fist ball, Athletics, Kabaddi Foot Ball, Chess.etc.