Transport Facility

School provides transport in the area covering 25 to 30 KM covering Kaithal, Jakholi, Narwal, Alewa, Durana, Serdha, Songal Mazra, Rajound, Kukarkanda, Bassi, Thal, Chochra, Billona, Rahara, Khizrabad, Assandh, Chougama, Dera Harchandia, Dera Jangirpuria, Dera Gujrakia, Bulla Khedi, Roheda, Khedi Sarfali.
School is equipped with fleet of buses for the safe journey.
The buses are equipped with GPRS system, CCTV Camera with recording facility, Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit to cope up with unforeseen circumstances and for safe communication of students. School also deputed Teacher and lady attendant for the safe journey of Girl Students